Will Sikkim Become the ‘Organic Lifestyle’ Model for India and the World?

This is one place on earth where I’d be really happy to live: the state of Sikkim in India. And the reason is that by 2015 Sikkim will be completely organic! It will be totally cleansed of all kinds of chemicals—pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and other chemical additives in their farms and gardens. Which means it will have not just chemical-free, clean food, but also chemical-free, clean soil, water and air.

This did not happen overnight. It was a long term plan that the Sikkim state government implemented very methodically over a period of time, designating areas that had to be chemical free by within certain timelines and dates. Bhutan, just north of Sikkim, is still working on becoming the first country to be entirely organic. But I think Sikkim has been more organized and insightful it the planning and implementation of an organic state than Bhutan has been. The Sikkim government kept to its schedule and took the entire population of the state on board, with intensive public outreach, information, education and incentive programs. And by 2015 they will have reached the final leg of their goal and the entire state will be organic, and officially declared so.

Having been a conservation biologist, I am acutely aware of the long term damage that chemicals added to the soil do not only to the health of humans and other animals, but also to the health of the ecosystem. Chemical dependency for the earth is the same as drug dependency in humans. As Sikkim and other organic farms have discovered, once you start using chemical Read the full post »

Take This #Poll: How Do You Read the Reaction To a Possible #Rape in the #Video


This video was put out by a public interest group to raise people’s sensitivity to rape and other crimes against women in India.  Please note that the sounds of a woman being assaulted inside the van below are an enactment.  However, the responses of the people who walk past the van are real.

We want you to watch the brief video below, and give your opinion on people’s reaction in the multiple choice poll question below the video.


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This Trend Could Lead to #SexTrafficking of White Women in #India

woman as tableThis is a growing trend in India: wealthy Indians are hiring white, preferably blonde, western women as “decoration” or “entertainment pieces” for their parties and events.  Some of these women are talking about it now.

A European woman wrote a piece about what is referred to as “weird and wonderful world of “White Girl Jobs” in India, where she works as a “human table.”” Another British woman recently wrote an anonymous column where she talked about her experience of it.  You can read it here.  She talks about how these women are paid a lot for “performing as a drummer, acting as living tables, belly dancing and even stripping.”  The poverty rate in India is Rs. 400-500/month, which is what almost 50% of India earns in 1 month.  But these women get paid 10-20 times that amount for just one evening.  From the second article it seems that many of these women are actually entering India on tourist visas and then looking around for these ‘jobs.‘  Since these ‘jobs’ are illegal, it means these women are also vulnerable to simply disappearing into the system without trace.  This woman too obviously thinks the money is good, but seems to feel guilty that white women may be capitalizing on the inherent racism and colorism in India that discriminates against Indian women with darker skin color.

However, I think that European women need to be concerned about this leading to something far more disastrous than this. 

I know that women in the west are often horrified by terrible accounts of different forms of violence on women and girls in India, and the resulting genocide of womenI hope that they can also see that this trend of hiring white women in India is an extension of the same system that dehumanizes women and treats them like buy-able, sell-able and trash-able “items.” I do believe that this could lead to more horrifying trends.  Right now with the gender ratio plummeting in many parts of India, there is widespread trafficking of women, not only within India but also from other countries like Nepal and Bangladesh. But if this continues, it won’t be long before ‘white’ women will become a part of this trafficking.






Sweden Hosts the Voice of the @50millionmissin Campaign To End Female #Gendercide

Rita Banerji:

I am particularly thrilled about this event because it involves alumnae sisters from my college. I attended Mount Holyoke College, the oldest women’s college in the U.S., and got a lot of my grounding on feminism and women’s rights there. The best part though is that even though we’ve all graduated and gone to different corners of the world, through our networks we continue to speak out for and work for women’s rights. I think this is possible for women’s colleges all over the world and most certainly within India too! I’m just so happy and proud that the women you see here in this photo are part of an educational legacy that taught us that we matter.


We are delighted that a Green Scarf Party in Stockholm, Sweden, was one of the latest groups worldwide to give Voice to The 50 Million Missing Campaign’s fight to end female gendercide in India.

The Voice of The Campaign is a 12 minute video on the female genocide in India that we we encourage people to show to their friends, organizations or classmates.  FOR MORE DETAILS ON HOW YOU CAN HELP WITH OUR VOICE OF THE CAMPAIGN PROJECT PLEASE  CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE to see where else The Voice of The Campaign events have been held

A Green Scarf Party is an initiative of cafe26.org and is a social gathering to support peace and social change worldwide.

Blog Report on the 50 Million Missing Green Scarf party: greenscarfstories.wordpress.com
Website: www.cafe26.org

Image Attending the Swedish Green Scarf party LEFT: (FRONT) Peppe Kuhavuori, Anneliese Lilienthal, and Alexandra D’Urso with baby Solenn (BACK)…

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#Menstrual #Leave May Make More Trouble for Work-Place #Gender #Equity

Vibhuti [at the twitter handle @victorvibhu ] tweeted me a question about the ongoing discussion on paid menstrual leave for women. Did I support it? And I said no, because it would further increase the gender pay gap. Vibhuti thought I needed to explain that a bit more, so here is what I mean.

father with childThe difference in pay between employed men and women is a major cause of gender inequity in almost all countries. The Norwegian government found that even when women were equally or more qualified, performed as well, and got equal pay, there still was a gender pay gap. They found this was because women took maternity leave and men did not.

Then the Norwegian government pushed for legislation on paternity leave, and campaigned vigorously for men to participate equally in the raising of their children. This was Norway’s pappapermisjon. Now when a couple has a child in Norway, the parents divide up the 46-week fully paid parental leave. 90% of fathers take at least 12 of those weeks taking care of their newborns, and this is because this is the time quota of the joint paternal leave earmarked only for fathers.

As a result, today Norway has the least gender pay gap and is followed by Denmark and Sweden – the other countries that also have shared parental leave.

I feel if women start pushing for menstrual leave, it will further increase the gender pay gap. While some countries have been able to undo the negative impact of maternity leave on pay gap by pushing for paternity leave, there would be no male equivalent for menstrual leave. Read the full post »


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