What Happen’s to India’s ‘Karma’ After Killing 50 Million Women?

“But what about the collected Karma after all this killing?”

This is what a friend, who is Swiss, had asked me in 2006, when I told him that in less than 3 generations India had, systematically, without blinking an eyelid,  exterminated at least 50 million women from its population, killing them at every stage of life.

Not surprisingly, that is one of the questions I’m frequently asked as founder of The 50 Million Missing Campaign, a global online lobby to raise awareness about India’s female genocide.  After all isn’t India the land of religion and spirituality, and isn’t Karma a big part of the Hindu philosophy — this idea that whatever you do, comes back to you in one way or another?

The answer to this question I put into an article “The Schizophrenia of Moral Systems” I had written for the Word Worth Magazine (Vol 6, No.10, Oct 2006).

To read the article click here (and then click on ‘Columns’)

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