Has Sonia Gandhi Single Handedly Dismantled India’s Democracy?

Who looks like the boss here: the blue turbaned man or the woman?

Let me state clearly what this article is about.  It is my protest as a citizen of India, against a certain person – Sonia Gandhi, who in my opinion, has completely destroyed the democratic process of  what otherwise was a crude and unruly democracy. 

Don’t get me wrong on this.  I voted for Sonia Gandhi in that election which brought the Congress back into power.   In fact it didn’t matter to me that she was born and raised in Italy.  It didn’t matter to me that Sonia Gandhi who has been married to the son of India’s Prime Minister since 1967, lived in the country for 15 years, had two children, but never wanted to even take Indian citizenship.   And that she got her citizenship only when her husband was running for political office in India in the mid-80s.

No, my only thought was the BJP which had been openly fascist in how it permitted the selective targeting and mascara of Muslims in the Gujarat riots, should not be allowed to continue in power.  Yes, the Congress party, which wears a fake secular mask, had done exactly the same thing with Sikhs– allowed for mobs to attack, rape and mass murder Sikhs all over India in the late 80s.  But I thought Sonia Gandhi seems like a level-headed, sane, SECULAR, individual.   Maybe she’s the path of sanity that India needs to tread for a while. 

I wondered how the U.S. would have responded if she ran for President there with her background, or for that matter any country in the world.  But I proudly thought – this is India!  Those petty things don’t matter here. If you can do the job – it doesn’t matter where you were born, where you grew up, and why you didn’t take Indian citizenship for the first 15 years you lived in this country.  So I thought Sonia Gandhi would provide the stabilizing, non-bigoted leadership India needed.

So, I was surprised when she decided not to take the Prime Minister’s position when she won the electionsAnd then I was completely confused when she hand picked  Mr. Singh, from her party to fill that chair.

I thought – o.k. what ever her reason maybe to not accept the position, can she really do that? Is that constitutional?  Is that even legal?  Because in a democracy the leader has to be directly elected by the people through a majority vote, so that the leader is directly accountable to the public if he or she fails in the job, and like India has done in the past, for e.g. with Indira Gandhi, the public sends that leader packing when she let the public down by gagging the press and enforcing a dictatorial regime.  That is the essence of democracy.

What was Sonia Gandhi doing I asked after voting her in?  That has been the question on everyone’s lips and it’s only now that it’s clear what exactly she was doing.

Sonia Gandhi no doubt will go down in the annals of Indian history as the foreign born woman, who married into India’s elite political family, and then single-handedly dismantled the country’s government, and established a single-person dictatorship without the public and the media even realizing what she was doing. 

In hind-sight, there is a cold, competent design to how Madam Gandhi has got to this point.  She is now in a position where she can hand-pick the people to the three most important and powerful positions in the country: that of the Prime-Minister, the President, and the Vice-President.  And she carefully picks people she can literally walk on a leash!!  Watch any video of hers with the Prime Minister, and you will see – she’s the boss.  She gives orders, and decides when the meeting is over.  The Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, sits mum by her, hands folded, eyes downcast, while she speaks and directs. He does not get up from his chair, till after she does.  And he has nothing to say to the Indian public as scam after scam rocks the nation, and millions of dollars are drained out from the public treasury through unbridled corruption and nepotism!!!

What more, even Forbes magazine acknowledges Sonia Gandhi, this non-leader, autocrat of India, as the 6th most powerful woman in the world – more powerful than Michelle Obama!

A few years ago, an American friend living in India, had asked of India’s governance, “I don’t get it! Who’s the boss here?”  It’s a troubling question that no one seems to have the courage to ask openly!!!  Not even the Indian media.  Not even the Indian public that has been demanding an anti-corruption bill without demanding that the most corrupt, manipulative, conniving and opportunistic politician this country has ever known, be immediately removed from government!

It is therefore a huge shame to India the first confrontation of this dictatorship had to come from the foreign media!

A July 2012 article in the UK’s Independent asked  “Manmohan Singh – India’s saviour or Sonia’s poodle?”  Later under pressure (a threat to revoke press privilege would do!)  from the Indian government, the title was changed to  “Manmohan Singh – India’s saviour or just ‘the underachiever’?” Imagine this woman’s power!!  She can bite off the finger that’s pointing at her, even in a UK paper.  But as far as she’s concerned they can just go ahead and drown India’s Prime Minister in a barrel of ‘underachiever’ shame.

In September 2012, another foreign media, The Washington Post declared: “India’s silent Prime Minister Becomes a Tragic Figure” It went on to elaborate, Sonia Gandhi had surprised many people by winning national elections… but she sprang an even bigger surprise by renouncing the top job and handing it to Singh. In him she saw not only the perfect figure­head for her government but also a sman of unquestioning loyalty, party insiders say, someone she could both trust and controlFrom the start, it was clear that Sonia Gandhi held the real reins of power. The Gandhi family has ruled India for most of its post- independence history and enjoys an almost cultlike status within the Congress party. Sonia’s word was destined to remain law.”

People in India used to say, as indeed it has been indicated that Sonia Gandhi and her family too believe, that there is a ‘curse’ on the Gandhi clan.  Anyone from the Gandhi family who occupies India’s highest chair, will die before their time.  And such has been the case in the past with Nehru, Indira Gandhi, and Rajiv Gandhi.

But Sonia Gandhi seems to have found a devious way around that dreaded ‘curse!’  She probably never intended to occupy the Prime Minister’s chair even when she ran for elections! But she cleverly constructed a mind-blowing position of power for herself, and her son, (clearly her heir apparent),that allows them even more power than the Prime Minister’s without actually occupying that chair!

As party leader of the Congress, a position from which she is not accountable directly to the voting pubic, she controls India’s three most powerful leadership posts – appointing to these seats people she can control like puppets.

How is she allowed to do this in a democracy? How have the people of India allowed her to get away with this?  If she’s in this position of power – it’s only because the people have allowed her to be. 

The opposition party – the BJP, and Anna Hazare’s Anti-Corruption Jan Lokpal team have been demanding that the Prime Minister step down.  But if he does, wouldn’t Madam Sonia just find another puppet for the throne?

Shouldn’t the public demand be for the Congress to throw Sonia out? Or else dismantle?

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  1. I don’t think the BJP taking over would be good – if that is what you’re trying to say. I never saw politics from this POV. Definitely food for thought.

    • Rita Banerji

       /  September 13, 2012

      No that’s not what I am suggesting. I am suggesting the Congress needs a new leadership. Because this one has done more harm than any leader in the past. And don’t forget the Congress did to the Sikhs exactly what the BJP did to the Muslims. There were attacks on Sikhs all over India. Their house and shops were burnt down. The women were gang raped and killed. And while there has been some justice on the Gujrat massacre, not a single case has been been able to go on trial on the Sikh massacre. As long as anyone from the Gandhi family is in power — that will never happen. In fact Sonia was very clever in picking a Sikh for a PM. Because that effectively shut the Sikhs up on demanding justice. In fact I think the Sikh community needs to now come out in full force and confront Manmohan Singh about this.

  2. If it is a woman who steer India, then you must make lobbying to enables women to gain power in India.

    • Rita Banerji

       /  September 13, 2012

      We don’t have a single female leadership in India who has done any good for women. In fact under their leadership there has been more harm to women. Sonia Gandhi has never addressed female genocide in India. And the two states with the worst violence and rape on women — U.P. and West Bengal are headed by women. Ironic eh?

  3. emery

     /  September 11, 2012

    you just confirmed what i have long suspected that India is not a democracy. they make it look like a democracy by having various state institutions but they are all controlled by one family just like in Syria. in Syria its the Assad family in India its the Gandhi family.

    • Rita Banerji

       /  September 13, 2012

      Exactly!! And it needs to change before this is completely disaster. India is 1/5 of the human population. And right now it seems like total anarchy under the surface, which is a frightening thought.

  4. I am so happy to see your blog first time on a topic other than genocides! It’s your courage to post a blog on ever corrupt practices going to inhale this country! Even Media does not have such courages to expose the truth while the Supreme Court, yesterday denies not to suggest media even than this media is depends on the grants of govt. for their existence thru DAVP adds and 60% of Media has joined hands with the corrupt politicians and parties. But, I am sure that one day that media will come out of a sudden openly when they will realize that the Public is angry enough and when the result of that will be seen in 2014 Elections! Thanks for your blog for the sake of this Country! I heartly appreciates!

    • Rita Banerji

       /  September 13, 2012

      I think Sonia Gandhi is the cleverest politician we’ve ever had. The anger is towards Manmohan singh because he’s allowing her to use him for her own goals and plans, and hiding cleverly enough in a position that the public cannot demand accountability from her, even though everyone knows she’s the one behind all this. So clever. So I think the public needs to go after the real person causing all the trouble. They should demand that Manmohan Singh should take over leadership of the congress party, and be fully accountable to the public. Which is how it should have been at the start.

  5. Sathya Sachin

     /  April 7, 2013

    Fully agree with your blog/article but very little can happen, India is too diverse a country for any grass root mass movement, Gandhi did try but lost it in creation of Pakisthan. Only Indira achieved some degree of stability and mass support, albeit during 1971 war though it was very short lived JP rode the anti-incumbency wave and nothing more.

    • I think diversity is a good thing. But the problem with Indians is not diversity — it is parochialism and intense self-centeredness.

  6. Vishnu Sharma

     /  November 17, 2013

    There is a famous saying:

    You can fool one man all the time or you can fool all the people once.
    You cannot fool all the people all the time.

    In India, the intellectual quotient of the whole population is so low (in single digits).

    This rule just does not hold:

    You CAN fool all the people all the time in India and laugh loudly at them while you do it.


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