This is the video my full presentation on the Symposium on Femicide in Vienna on Nov 26, 2012. Hopefully it will soon lead to the formation of a UN Draft resolution on Femicide globally!


The following is a video of the presentation by The Million Missing Campaign founder, Rita Banerji, at the U.N. Symposium on Femicide, in Vienna on November 26, 2012.

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  1. Gagan

     /  December 3, 2012

    Rita, thank you for running this campaign. One thing stood out to me from your presentation: That it isn’t the bottom 20%, but the top 20 that are the most serious offenders. I, like everyone else, thought that education and economic independence for females would eventually be the solution (as if it were that simple!). Now I have to wonder if the real rot lies in the very moral fiber.

    How do we overcome that?

    PS: Is there a button I could put up on my blog? I want to be able to spread the word if I can.

    • @Gagan — There is moral sanction for the killing of females in the Vedas, hymns both for female infanticide and sati, the killing of widows. The Chinese practice of foot binding killed thousands of girls over hundreds of years, due to infection, nerve damage etc. And Mao eradicated a practise that’s hundreds of years old in less then 10 years. All practices that are rooted in culture and tradition and are violent have to be forced to stoop. Even the Genocide and the killing of black slaves in the U.S. — are rooted in their history. People know they are doing wrong, but they do it when they go unchallenged. So we’ll just have to gather force, and build up a momentum like the anti-apartheid or civil rights momentum and force the government to implement its laws. It’s the only way to stop. I cannot think of a single instance in history, where violence has been inflicted on a group of people, and the violence has stopped through ngos or education or telling people to stop. It’s a very naive approach to the psychology of mass scale violence. This is a page which shows the logo of the campaign. We’d be very happy if you to download the logo for your blog and insert a link to the campaign website at Or to our petition on the blog (which is in more than 10 languages now). Thanks much!


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