The revolution has finally arrived in India! Women are not going to go the slaughter like dumb cows any more!


2012-12-22T140013Z_1_CDEE8BL12WH00_RTROPTP_2_INDIA-PROTESTS  December 22, 2012

On December 16, 2012  a 23-year old woman, in New Delhi, on her way home with her boyfriend after seeing a film,  was brutally gang-raped and beaten with an iron rod by 7 men on the bus they had boarded.   The boyfriend too had been beaten unconscious, and both were thrown out of the bus.  As she lay in the hospital, undergoing numerous surgeries, during which all her intestines had to be removed, the government of India had nothing to say! On Dec 29, after fighting for almost 2 weeks for her life, the young woman succumbed to her injuries.

This form of brutalization and systemic violence on girls and women has become a daily norm in India, which unaddressed and unchecked by the government and system of law and order has reached epidemic proportions.  See our log on news reports here.  Also see…

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  1. Dr. Sanjoy Roy

     /  December 25, 2012

    Politicians trying to capitalize the eternal trauma of women! Shame to there vested motivated act!

  2. shatruajaat

     /  December 26, 2012

    This country has gone to dogs. Every day there is a rape, everyday a woman is being murdered, every day a child is being kidnapped, every day a child is being raped, every day a child is being murdered. The honor killings and the female infanticide, the fatwas to control and suppress women in various parts of the country with little or no protest at all from any quarters, be it the government or politicians. On top of all that when people protest, the rowdy elements pitch in causing confusion, chaos and violence. It seems like there is no law and order, it seems like we are walking dead, we see nothing, we hear nothing, we feel nothing, we wouldn’t dare to raise our voice even if the crime is taking place right before our eyes, if someone is molesting a college kid or a mother of two we must look the other way because its not my daughter, my wife or my mother! Worst still, kill the cops, kill the poor cops for doing their duty, let media try to defend itself saying, “oh look, some protesters were helping the cop!” Bull shit, utter bull shit, media fan passions and then try to defend itself like Times of India today did in its front page story and image. Its sickening how biased media has become, its sickening when cops lathi charge a protester in Mumbai the caption reads “cop caning a Muslim protester” but when a normal protest happens they never identify the protester by his religion. In the past one year more than a dozen cops have been brutally murdered, not a single voice raised any where, why? Cops work 24/7, understaffed, ill equipped, ill trained with practically no arms to defend themselves. How can you expect yourself to be safe when those supposed to defend you are weak, have no power, are as vulnerable as us. Sick nation, sick people! This country needs a dictator, people in India understand only one language, the language of danda, enough being nice to them, enough being kind to them, enough of democracy and enough of politics! All pigs, one pig goes another comes telling people he wants to help them and what would he do, punish people a little more, do corruption a little more! All sick bastards!

  3. shatruajaat

     /  December 26, 2012

    To those who got objection to women protesters being lathi charged I would say watch protests in developed nations, how they treat women during protests and demonstrations that have gone violent.

    • The protestors in Delhi did not go violent on their own. From day 1, they were using water cannons, and on day 3 they retaliated. In most western countries the nation would have gone berserk, if the governments had attacked unarmed people/women demanding an end to rape and violence on women. As a student, I’ve stood with a million other protestors in front of the White House Gate and yelled slogans like ‘Bush you liar, we’ll set your ass on fire!’ Till we can do that in India, till we can demand face to face accountability from our leader and the seat of government we are neither a democracy and nor do we have free speech.

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