Why are police officers who protect rape victims punished, and the ones who persecute rape victims allowed to continue in India? Till this system changes, it does not matter what laws we have or don’t have to protect women from violence.


Though the brutal gang rape and murder of a young medical student in Delhi has spurred a movement of anger and outrage against the government and police in Delhi (click here), rape and femicide (the killing of girls and women) are the fastest growing crimes in India.

One of the questions we have to ask is : How does Indian society view this crime? Very often rape victims are blamed by the government and police for the crime.  They question how the victim dressed, or claim they behaved “immorally,” implying that she asked to get raped!!

imagesEven as the public protest against violence on women gathered momentum in Delhi and the rest of India, one female politician in Kolkata, Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar, chose this very moment, to demean another gang rape victim, of a highly publicized case  in her city.  She said,

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  1. congrats rita for your good work. i will keep sending you material on kashmir, women, organic agriculture, north/south cultures and women. feminist critique to Technology and Development etc.


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