Tell @WomenDeliver to Apologize to the #Suryanelli #Gang #Rape Victim!

There are Indian feminists who are saying, Women Deliver made an apology. And that’s it? How can they get away with this? There is a global feminist hierarchy. Can the feminist in India do with a rape victim what this global feminist group did with an Indian rape victim and get away with just a statement?


kurien_defiant2_338x225In May 2013, the U.S. based women’s organization, Women Deliver, had invited Indian politician J. S. Kurien, a man implicated in of the one highest profile gang-rape / sex trafficking cases (the Suryanelli case) of a teenage girl in India, to speak at their 2013 conference on women’s reproductive empowerment!

A 16-year-old school girl in the town of  Suryanelli was kidnapped, held hostage for 40 days, during which she was raped by the 42 men she had been ‘sold’ to.  When she was finally found, she was so battered and had lost so much blood the doctors said, a few more days and she’d be dead! To read the full story click here.

Kurien was one of the accused in this case.  He was identified by face by the victim but never arrested.  The government continued to protect him just as they continue to protect other rapists in…

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