Women as Domestic Appliances and Internalized #Misogyny


by Rita Banerji

When I bring up the issue of internalized misogyny in Indian women, I’m not necessarily talking about the mothers-in-law who abuse and kill their daughters-in-law for dowry.  What I’m talking about is how women view themselves.  It is the subtle misogyny, a form self-loathing, which often passes over women, even urban, educated, working women, without their even noticing it.  

Take for instance a conversation I was having with my mother one time about one of her male relatives.  She told me, with this look of complete disgust, “He’s like a woman.”  She was referring to how he never takes a stand on nor assumes responsibility for any family project, and lets her do it all.  Does she really think that that is what characterizes a woman:  weakness, laziness, and incompetence?  I’m a woman, she’s a woman – so does that mean she sees us…

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