There’s Racism in India That Most Indians Think is Completely Acceptable!

faces indian women_click to playYes folks! There’s real racism in India (Not the many shades of brown skin that we are fixated on as indication of ‘racism’).

Click on the slide show to your left. These are all Indian women whose faces you will never see in Indian films, media, TV, or pageant shows.  Their faces are not accepted as the typical Indian woman’s face because they have oriental or African features. But they have a history in India that’s 5000 years old.  Some are of minority communities, but there are 8 states in India where the majority have oriental features!  That’s right — it is major community in India.

This is the racism that India is not even talking about!  And for most Indians openly racist comments and attitudes are absolutely acceptable even though Indians feel entitled to get angry when Nina Davuluri was on the receiving end after she won the Miss America title.  I discuss this in greater depth in this article here Why is India Ignoring There’s Actual Racism Here that goes Beyond Fifty Shades of Brown Skin?


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  1. we have to talk about all the subtle aggressions, they won’t talk about …

  2. This is not entirely correct. It is only one way that it is wrong. Brown Indians must be no discrimination of bright Europeans, but brown Indians may well diskriminer darker Indians.

  3. Last year I read an article that appeared in either the Times of India or one of the major US dailies that chronicled the life of a young couple who had moved from the north east to one of the major cities (Delhi, I think) and the incredibly racist treatment that they received. They encountered it in their daily commute, in seeking housing, from their neighbours and in looking for employment. The story also mention an agency/organization that helped people like them with settlement issues and in support for the hostile and violent treatment that they received.They did not look like what most North Americans would associate with being “Indian”, like the stereotypical representations projected in Bollywood movies. They had noticeable Asian features, like the people from Arunachal Pradesh.

    • Jared: There are 8 states in India where the majority of people have oriental features. And stories like yours about racism just abound! But there is no discussion in the media. You might want to see the comments on the article I’ve got the link to. It’s like, it’s just acceptable!


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