What My Teachers Taught Me About Life!

apple October 05 is International Teachers Day. In India we celebrate it on Sept 05.  I guess I’m one of those geeky people who is a perpetual student.  I loved school!  And later, I also loved being a teacher (I taught Biology) and wanted my students to love school.  So for Teacher’s Day I thought I must write a piece  for my teachers who taught me some of my most  valuable lessons on life and living. See the article here on Youth ki Awaaz: 5 Very Important Lessons on Life and Living I Learnt from My Teachers

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  1. I hate school, it was a prison for children. The teachers kept the kids down for stupidity and ignorance. If you do not believe me then take the teacher’s book and comparing it with the pupil’s book. The teacher’s book is much better and it’s all explained and if a single student has read all 10 volumes, then the student almost as good as the teacher.


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