Why Doesn’t this #Domestic #Violence Campaign Use Real Images of Battered Women?

Recently there was a campaign in India about domestic violence that used glamorized images of goddesses like the image below.  But most battered women don’t look like this!  In India where women are attacked with acid, fire and brutalized in various ways they end up looking more like the woman below with her face scarred, distorted, made non-human almost.  So why weren’t these “battered goddesses” made to look like her which would be a more accurate portrayal of domestic violence?  In an article on the Huffington Post I argue that this campaign is actually misogynistic, and shies away from addressing domestic violence or holding men accountable.  Click here for the article ‘Why India’s Abused Goddess Ads Have it All Wrong.’

the real battered goddess

Why don’t the “battered goddess” portray the reality of violence on women in India which is more like this?

domestic violence goddess

The images used in the actual campaign

acid burn face

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