Did #Tehelka Organize #India’s First #Rape Festival?

I so admire the courage and conviction of this young journalist to take a stand against such a big establishment! I hope she knows she’s the start of a real feminist revolution in India, one where women recognize the integrity of their bodies that no one, not even a pony-tailed, left-leaning, radically liberal feminist man can violate! Shame to the Indian feminists who’ve stayed silent or failed to show unconditional outrage and support for this woman. But like it or not, the feminist revolution in India is finally here!


robert de niro thinkby Rita Banerji

In November an article circulating on the net about a bogus ‘rape festival’ in India upset many because it seemed to make a mockery of rape!

Yet, the irony is, at the same time, a premiere event with the likes of Robert De Niro and other celebrity guests, the ‘THINK’ festival in Goa, was doing exactly that – making a mockery of rape and rape victims! 

The ‘THINK’ festival was organized by Tehelka, one of India’s most radical, liberal magazines.  But for India, this institution is more than that.  The word ‘Tehelka’ has become synonymous with revolution and

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