Hrithik, Don’t Fret, Your Divorce Won’t Destroy India’s Marriage Institution

Hrithik Roshan & Suzanne wedding Pictures 2Dear Hrithik Roshan,

I have received your tear-soaked letter about your impending divorce. It was duly delivered at 6 a.m. on December 14, at my doorstep in both my weekend newspapers.  In fact it was in the headlines, on the front page of both newspapers! At first I was irritated. I thought these idiots are copying off each other and just fooling me into paying for two different subscriptions.  But then I thought — what if this is a matter of utmost national importance? And so I read your letter slowly and carefully, registering all the critical information it gave, in both newspapers. 

I am proud to say that I’m now enlightened. You say that it was “Sussanne [who] has decided to separate from me and end our 17 year relationship.” Clearly, it was not you who who is at fault!  In fact you lay emphasis on that by saying “I am a firm believer in this institution [of marriage] and respect and honour it at the highest level.”  I get your drift Hrithik. You believed in your marriage, and you respected and honoured it, but Sussanne didn’t!  For her it was just a piece of paper that she didn’t think twice about ripping up and throwing into the trash, right? Oh! What shallow values!

In fact I was shocked to hear you say that your “treatment is going well” and you “should be able to resume [your] life in every way very soon.”  Should be able very soon? That means you are still not fully well after your ill-health and operation, and are struggling to recover!  Awwh! Bad woman, Sussanne, leaving poor you in this state! Very mean! Very cold-hearted.

In fact I’d say, you are better rid of her Hrithik. You are such a warm, caring, man, you deserve better. In fact I wept to see how in the middle of the worst crises of your life, you weren’t thinking about yourself, you were more worried about your fans.  I have to admit, I am one of your biggest fans (though I hurry to add – of your dancing, and not so much your acting).  I wept, to see how much you care about us…me.  You say, “I do not wish this news to dis-empower my fans and the people about the institution of marriage in any way.” That is super sweet! You are worried that because of your divorce your fans will all rush to the courts like herds of trampling elephants to get their divorce papers.

No worries there Hrithik! Most Indian wives are not like Sussanne.  They are loyal to the core and won’t leave a marriage even if it kills them! I mean that both figuratively and also literally.  They will allow their selves, their individualities, their hopes, their dreams, their desires, their needs, their self-esteem, in fact everything they have, to be killed — but they will not leave the marriage.  They will tolerate physical, emotional and psychological abuse, but they will remain true to the institution, respecting and honouring it at the highest level, just like you!  In fact they will stare death in the face, and still not leave.  No one can convince them to leave, and if you try to make them, they fly right back, like the bird to its nest.  Like true Bharatiya naris, which unfortunately Sussanne is not, they make sure that it is only their arthi, their dead bodies that leaves their husbands’ houses! I can testify to this personally Hrithik, from my work with Indian women, to assure you that your divorce is not going to inspire any of these women to leave their marriages.  

So chin up Hrithik. Wipe your tears, and be brave and free like that Krrish character you play in your movies! And next time, I don’t want your tear-soaked letter on the front page of my newspaper.  Let us be kind and give that space to people who really have something to cry about. For instance the 600 million people who go to bed hungry in India, who Sonia Gandhi fought so hard for with her blood and tears, to get them the  food security bill.  She was just like you.  So unselfish, not even caring about her ill-health and her life, to fight and care for the public – in public.  But the public is far more perceptive than she assumed.  It left her in tears by not even rewarding her with its votes! See now, that’s another lesson to learn Hrithik. 

Wishing you a brand new, and healthy perspective on life!

Your fan and well-wisher,

Rita Banerji

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     /  December 17, 2013

    ma’am you just voiced my thoughts. His words were undignified and irresponsible. As if he did not contribute to any of the problems between them. I can guess why any woman would run away from such a selfish shallow man (regardless of his dance moves or greek god looks). After all it takes two to make (and break) a marriage

    • It’s hard to know what goes on in a marriage. People have suggested affairs. Or that he had no time for her etc. Who knows. And at some level it is their business not ours. Hrithik I know is not violent, but still to make a press statement and say my wife is leaving me was not nice. He could have said we have our reasons but please give us privacy and even that would be fine. He is a superstar and she is trying to set up her own career, he used his power in a way that was not nice.

      • sahitha

         /  January 6, 2014

        Interesting perspective! My initial impression of the whole situation was that they had simply grown apart (which does happen in this modern age when you meet so young). Well done Susanne for honoring that! I don’t think there is any point in hanging on to someone/something which doesn’t resonate with you anymore. Sometimes the other partner may feel offended for “being dumped” but the reality is they both know it’s over. I think Hrithik did not intentionally blame Susanne. I think he is just confused and maybe feels guilty over the break-up. Who knows what went on in the years leading up to this? Sometimes even good people (especially men) fail to acknowledge that a relationship is over because they do not want to hurt someone they have loved before. However, they may then not be completely present in the relationship forcing the other partner to choose.

  2. kavita

     /  December 17, 2013

    So Kind words Rita ji

  3. Was this satire or….? was he wicked?

  4. I can’t believe that Suzanne was just starting her career that too after divorce, was Hrithik stopping her?
    Making a statement like that was not fair, it will make Suzanne look like the villain.
    Maybe she is, no one knows for sure.

    please share this, in 50M missing campaign. or so, I would love to contribute.

  6. brilliantly written! boo on Hrithik for insinuating that suzanne was not the good bharatiya nari for wanting out and he is the lamb (even of that was true). good on her and boo Mr. Roshan for the very thinly veiled misogyny.

  7. Raj Ashok

     /  January 7, 2014

    you do not know the facts…even the lady sussanne has not protested…but gave the judgements…..that ( as usual from you) ..the man is cruel and guilty…and the woman…oh the woman cannot do any wrong…..god forbid if you are a judge…in case of any man woman dispute…the jusgement is a foregone conclusion….pl carry on

  8. Its been a while since Hrithik and Sussanne have been separated being an ardent fan of this couple i was expecting them to get back together and start their life afresh but now it seems its impossible as Sussanne has moved on.I wont blame Hrithik entirely as he is a firm believer of this institution but yes his press statement wasnt nicely worded it may be came as a huge shock from him that one day the tensions between his parents and wife would escalate to such levels that his wife can actually leave him, as he mentioned my wife ends our 17 years relationship. Yes 17 yrs are a lot and its not ethical for a wife to break it just like that i feel she shouldnt have taken this step as they have two minor children and for the sake of those kids if she can for 17 yrs be known as superstar wife why not now, secondly Hrithik wasnt having an affair at this point of life, he was sick, survived a brain surgery and on humanitarian grounds she should have atleast waited for him to get well and then left him as she wanted.
    As a fan i still hope one day like how their families believe they will reconcile, as Hrithik still loves her and he is a non-controversial superstar who really loves his family. Marriage is a sacred union and i fail to understand how people being bonded together in this institute for so many years decide one day to separate, can all those beautiful years of togetherness be reproduced with a new partner? i fail to believe. I think its high time couples believe in this institute firmly and religiously survive in it as how their parents and people in the past have survived it. Why cant the new generation keep up with this relationship also women empowerment and independence is good, having a career is good but a women should also learn to maintain her marriage, her home too as she has given birth to a family.


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