Do Women Complain Loudly Only to Cling to Destruction?

Something we don’t talk about in India, and we must.


sunanda and Shashi tharoorby Rita Banerji

The events that led up to Sunanda Pushkar’s death had India agog.  Twenty-four hours after this successful, wealthy businesswoman went hysterical on social media, accusing a Pakistani journalist of having an affair with her high profile politician husband, and gave a spate of interviews to newspapers and television channels on the same, she was found dead in a hotel room.

The post-mortem report said her death was “sudden and unnatural.” But what really happened to Sunanda Pushkar in her hotel room on the night of January 17? Did she commit suicide? Was she murdered? Or did she accidentally overdose on her medication? There are reports of people hearing angry arguments she had with her husband, that may have turned physical just before her death. What explains the bruising on her arms, wrist and neck? Pushkar’s 21-year-old son, from a previous marriage in which she was widowed, 

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