Has Living with #Fear Become Normal for #Women in #India?

I was on an NDTV discussion panel last year, where another Indian feminist insisted that this kind of danger and fear of violence that women in India live with, as exemplified in this post, is normal to women every where, even in the west. I know this woman has not lived in the west, like I have. So is this plain defensiveness, or is it denial? And why would Indian women defend the social system that forces them to live like this?


A question our campaign frequently gets is:There is violence on women in all societies, so why should fingers be pointed only at India?

That is why we present to you below what women from the main metros of India say about the kind of fear they live with in their daily lives. Read and ask yourself: 

Is this normal? 

Is this how educated, professional women in London, New York, Singapore or even Beijing live? 

What does this say about the violence that women in India live with, tolerate and are often in denial of?

Sreemati Mukherjee (College Student):

From-Fear-to-Freedom-Crop-Pic-2Single women travelling after dusk should take more safety precautions.  With so many rape cases and incidents of molestations making headlines every other day, my parents get really worked up if I cross my deadline of 8 pm. They keep calling me up to find out if I am safe…

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