My #Video Response to 10 Questions on #India’s #Gendercide of #Women

As founder of The 50 Million Missing Campaign to end female gendercide in India, I was recently sent a list of e-interview questions from college students in Delhi. I respond to these questions in the video below.  The 10 questions I answer are also listed below the video embed.  The video is a bit long (40 minutes) but these are very frequently asked questions and they are important to this issue.  So please watch, and if you have additional questions, do put them in the comment box below. For a shorter 15 min. edited version of the video below CLICK HERE

To watch a video that I presented to the UN in which I explain how more than 50 million women have been exterminated from India click here.

  1. Can female gendercide ever end given how entrenched it is in Indian culture and religion?
  2. Why do parents not give up baby girls for adoption instead of killing them?
  3. What’s the use advocating for the rights of the girl child when we cannot even enforce laws?
  4. Why do women participate in the killing of infant girls and other women for dowry?
  5. Does industrialization play a role in female gendercide?
  6. Is female feticide really ‘choice’ as advocated by the pro-choice movement?
  7. Are girls conditioning to be submissive a part of the reason for female gendercide?
  8. When there are so many ways to kill females in India where can we start?
  9. Is there a target group to begin our efforts to stop female gendercide?
  10. As a girl what do I symbolize to India? And isn’t it better for me to die then live this way?
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    for sure it is a long and hard process to change a society. I adore Rita Banerji’s engagement for a human basic: respect vs. women.

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     /  March 9, 2014

    Very hard to watch.


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