@VodafoneIN Looks like I was Cheated by Your Kolkata Store! Please Help!


vodaphoneDear Vodaphone Customer Complaints Department

This post is regarding how I was cheated by your store employees for purchase of a 3G Dongle Bought on 15/03/14 from Vodaphone Store, Ideal Plaza, Kolkata

I have not recieved any assitance from your listed numbers and that is why I am making this post. Please note I have sent emails with all the details to your Kolkata and Mumbai customer service offices.

Also given the nature of my complaint, I’m concerned that your employees may be cheating other customers too!

I am an author and gender activist, and since I’m very active on social media I wanted to purchase a Vodaphone USB stick as an alternative internet source for my home use. On 15/03/14 I bought 3 items listed below from the Vodaphone store in Ideal Plaza, Kolkata.

1.       one 3G USB stick model K4201I

2.       a data SIM card for the Dongle

3.       an Unlimited Recharge for the dongle

 However 24 hours after purchasing my dongle, I have been unable to activate my SIM, or use my dongle, and none of the customer service numbers you have can provide any explanation or help me with regards the irregularities of how your store attendants behaved and charged me for my purchases.

The behavior of the employees of this store, and the manner in which they made this sale to me, in this store, was extremely dubious and unprofessional.  I am shocked and appalled and feel like I’ve been blatantly cheated, and never expected this from one of your biggest stores and showrooms in Kolkata!

On entering the store, the female floor attendant in a uniform, informed me that I did not need any i.d. proof, and should go to the counter, pay in cash and buy the dongle.

A male store employee had me sit at his table, and told me I’d have to pay Rs1500/- for the dongle, Rs. 300/- for the SIM, and Rs. 196/- for the unlimited recharge I wanted.

When I went to pay at the counter and they did not want to give me a receipt.  When I insisted, they said in that case I had to give a photo i.d. proof which I did give by giving a signed copy of my Voters i.d.

Then they gave me a receipt for only Rs. 1500/- for the dongle, on the letter-head of some place called “Okay Call Centre.”  I insisted they give me a itemized invoice for all the three items I was purchasing and a signed and date proof of purchase with their store stamp.  I also wanted the warranty card for my purchase.

First I was told that there was no warranty card.  It was only when I got upset then they hurriedly produced a warranty card, and gave me a store stamped and signed receipt.  I was told I was being given a big discount and would now be charged only Rs.100/- for the SIM instead of the earlier quoted Rs. 300/-.  However later, I went home and saw that in fine print on the SIM it says “Total maximum value Rs 15/- towards activation of service, inclusive of taxes. No charges towards SIM.” Which means I was still charged an extra Rs. 85/-

I was also told that at 7 p.m. I should dial 117 and verify the number assigned to my Dongle with my address etc. for the SIM to be activated.  I was unable to do that.  I have called your 111 help number they told me that they have no record of the Vodaphone number I was assigned for the  SIM, and they also seemed very dubious about whether the number given to me was even a Vodaphone number.  I was also told they cannot help me any further and that your stores will remain closed on the 16th and 17th of March and so I shouldn’t bother to go there either!

Vodaphone is a multinational company of repute and this is one of your biggest, official stores in Kolkata.  I never expected to receive this kind of dubious service and sale from you! I am shocked!


1) I do not want to wait 3 days after paying for my USB stick and SIM and recharge to get help on activating them!  Please make sure the assigned Vodaphone number to my 3G dongle is immediately activated.

2) I want a refund of Rs 85/- on the SIM for which I was clearly overcharged and made to pay Rs. 100/-

3) I want a clear explanation on why I was initially refused an itemized bill and a warranty card, and overcharged for my SIM.  I want an explanation for why I had to fight to get a store stamped receipt and warranty card.  There has to be a coherent explanation provided for this.  If your answer is dishonesty on part of your employees I want that stated with an apology and an explanation in a letter, and what your proposed course of action is going to be because surely these employees are doing this to other customers who are coming here in good faith trusting the Vodaphone brand name and the fact that this is your official store in Kolkata!

  I look forward to your immediate assistance.


Rita Banerji

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  1. Tapas

     /  March 16, 2014

    This is why i have been avoiding the private telecom operators as far as possible. There may be problems with BSNL/MTNL, but you will not be cheated, at least at their own outlets/offices.

    • I have BSNL too as well as Docomo! And it’s true BSNL is the fastest, but half the month they are out. Takes days and many calls and complaints for them to fix it, and yet our bills are huge, and we figure their maintenance guys are connecting it elsewhere in the days our line is down.


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