Sweden Hosts the Voice of the @50millionmissin Campaign To End Female #Gendercide

I am particularly thrilled about this event because it involves alumnae sisters from my college. I attended Mount Holyoke College, the oldest women’s college in the U.S., and got a lot of my grounding on feminism and women’s rights there. The best part though is that even though we’ve all graduated and gone to different corners of the world, through our networks we continue to speak out for and work for women’s rights. I think this is possible for women’s colleges all over the world and most certainly within India too! I’m just so happy and proud that the women you see here in this photo are part of an educational legacy that taught us that we matter.


We are delighted that a Green Scarf Party in Stockholm, Sweden, was one of the latest groups worldwide to give Voice to The 50 Million Missing Campaign’s fight to end female gendercide in India.

The Voice of The Campaign is a 12 minute video on the female genocide in India that we we encourage people to show to their friends, organizations or classmates.  FOR MORE DETAILS ON HOW YOU CAN HELP WITH OUR VOICE OF THE CAMPAIGN PROJECT PLEASE  CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE to see where else The Voice of The Campaign events have been held

A Green Scarf Party is an initiative of cafe26.org and is a social gathering to support peace and social change worldwide.

Blog Report on the 50 Million Missing Green Scarf party: greenscarfstories.wordpress.com
Website: www.cafe26.org

Image Attending the Swedish Green Scarf party LEFT: (FRONT) Peppe Kuhavuori, Anneliese Lilienthal, and Alexandra D’Urso with baby Solenn (BACK)…

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