This Trend Could Lead to #SexTrafficking of White Women in #India

woman as tableThis is a growing trend in India: wealthy Indians are hiring white, preferably blonde, western women as “decoration” or “entertainment pieces” for their parties and events.  Some of these women are talking about it now.

A European woman wrote a piece about what is referred to as “weird and wonderful world of “White Girl Jobs” in India, where she works as a “human table.”” Another British woman recently wrote an anonymous column where she talked about her experience of it.  You can read it here.  She talks about how these women are paid a lot for “performing as a drummer, acting as living tables, belly dancing and even stripping.”  The poverty rate in India is Rs. 400-500/month, which is what almost 50% of India earns in 1 month.  But these women get paid 10-20 times that amount for just one evening.  From the second article it seems that many of these women are actually entering India on tourist visas and then looking around for these ‘jobs.‘  Since these ‘jobs’ are illegal, it means these women are also vulnerable to simply disappearing into the system without trace.  This woman too obviously thinks the money is good, but seems to feel guilty that white women may be capitalizing on the inherent racism and colorism in India that discriminates against Indian women with darker skin color.

However, I think that European women need to be concerned about this leading to something far more disastrous than this. 

I know that women in the west are often horrified by terrible accounts of different forms of violence on women and girls in India, and the resulting genocide of womenI hope that they can also see that this trend of hiring white women in India is an extension of the same system that dehumanizes women and treats them like buy-able, sell-able and trash-able “items.” I do believe that this could lead to more horrifying trends.  Right now with the gender ratio plummeting in many parts of India, there is widespread trafficking of women, not only within India but also from other countries like Nepal and Bangladesh. But if this continues, it won’t be long before ‘white’ women will become a part of this trafficking.




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  1. James Coghlan

     /  June 25, 2014

    please go digging into this further… take it to it’s worst extreme and once the female reaches specific age – what to do with them? Well, organs are worth a fortune after all. Don’t believe this could happen? Offer someone in a poor country £1,000 for forged/faked med death certificate and you have the beginnings of a very sinister profitable empire. The sex side of which is the least worrying. Have a deeper look at certain cultures in Asia and you will see this template rolled out. When they ask you ” WILL ANYONE WILL MISS YOU” you know that you have to leave sharpish. There’s at least 6 countries in Asia doing this. Dig deeper!


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