Does @VodafoneIN Have No Business Ethics? This Is How They Cheated Me!

As a gender activist in India, I have often heard women complain about how shops, businesses and even banks cheat them! Not just illiterate, poor women, but even educated, middle-class women.  And I had one such experience recently with the multinational mobile phone company, Vodafone.  The sale made to me was not only irregular but I found out deliberately deceptive, and that the main offices have been evasive and complicit in covering up for whatever scam they are running at this store!

When the company refused to respond to my complaints, I made the following post and tweeted it to Vodafone-India and told them that since they were refusing to respond, this was my my official complaint to them. It’s only then they had the store call me up and give me a refund.  However,  the company never sent me an official response, nor any assurance that they don’t tolerate such unethical business practices and they will investigate it fully and take disciplinary action.  This is one of the reasons India is such a favorite destination for multinationals! You can do anything, and there is no system or way to stop you!


What Happen’s to India’s ‘Karma’ After Killing 50 Million Women?

“But what about the collected Karma after all this killing?”

This is what a friend, who is Swiss, had asked me in 2006, when I told him that in less than 3 generations India had, systematically, without blinking an eyelid,  exterminated at least 50 million women from its population, killing them at every stage of life.

Not surprisingly, that is one of the questions I’m frequently asked as founder of The 50 Million Missing Campaign, a global online lobby to raise awareness about India’s female genocide.  After all isn’t India the land of religion and spirituality, and isn’t Karma a big part of the Hindu philosophy — this idea that whatever you do, comes back to you in one way or another?

The answer to this question I put into an article “The Schizophrenia of Moral Systems” I had written for the Word Worth Magazine (Vol 6, No.10, Oct 2006).

To read the article click here (and then click on ‘Columns’)

Has London Set a Dirty Standard for Future Olympics?

Will the 2012 Olympics in London be rated as one of the most unethical events in recent times.

The Victims of The Bhopal Gas Disaster Hold a

Victims of the Bhopal Gas Disaster

In January 2012, the government of India was threatening to boycott all official ceremonies at the London Olympics.  However, six months down the line, India ended up sending the largest contingent of athletes to an Olympics event and happily participated in all the ceremonies.  Why was India threatening to boycott and why did it change its mind? It was boycotting the games because one of the main sponsors of the London games is Dow Chemical, a U.S. company responsible for one of the worst industrial disasters in India’s history.

One night, in 1984, the company’s industrial plant leaked 40 tonnes of poisonous gas into the city of Bhopal in central India.  The reason this story is personal for me is because till a year before the incident, I as a girl, had lived with my family in the adjoining town.

Over half a million people were affected by this toxic gas and 200,000 of those were children under the age of 15 years. 3500 people were killed on exposure, and another 15000 died later (more…)

When Hospitals Scavenge on Patients

This is how patients were rescued after the staff had locked the door and fled! (AP photo)

The fire that broke out in the AMRI hospital in Calcutta, is now believed to have killed almost 90 patients (and the death toll keeps mounting).  There were no doctors or staff among the dead, because they had all fled, locking the patients inside! Apparently, they had been given instructions not to let the patients go because their bills had not been cleared yet! This hospital with the ironical name of ‘Advanced Medical Research Institute’ is one of the largest, up-scale, private hospitals in the city, and treatment here does not come cheap!!! I know because, my father (who has passed on) was suffering from cancer and was under-going radiotherapy there.

What my family didn’t know then, was that the basement, where the fire broke out, (more…)

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