Female Genocide with a Question Mark?

As an administrator of the 50 Million Missing Campaign against female genocide in India, one of the most frustrating challenges I face is when people question the term “female genocide”.   Even more puzzling is if I ask ‘why?’ I don’t get a definite explanation!

I lay bare these facts:  More than 50 million women have been killed in India over 3 generations.  EVERY YEAR — more than a million unborn girls are selectively aborted; thousands of new born girls are strangled, poisoned, drowned or buried alive;  girls under 5 are 40% more likely to die than boys the same age because of starvation and deliberate neglect (their parents don’t think girls are worth spending on); more than 25000 young married women are murdered for dowry; thousands more are tortured; 1 Indian woman is dead every 5 minutes because of pregnancy complications often due to forced and repeated abortions to rid the girls. Companies are now selling kits online to select out girls even before they are conceived!

Females in India are killed because they are regarded as undesirable — but usable and disposable objects.  Like victims of any genocide.  Then why is this systematic dehumanization of women and their massive annihilation not recognized as ‘genocide’? (more…)

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