What Do Indian Girls Learn/ Unlearn from their Mothers?

There’s a lot of search going on in the global feminist movement for “female role models” for girls.

But in context of psychological growth, the fact is, that no prototype, however strong or famous, can overshadow the one most powerful female role model in any girl’s life.  And that role model is the girl’s own mother!

‘Mom’ is the ultimate “mirror” in which most women reflect on their own images of femininity, womanhood, self and life!  It doesn’t mean she will choose to be like her mother.  But it is in her mother’s image that she examines her own, and decides whether she will  accept, reject, or refine her own!

So as I look at issues of violence on women in India, what interests me most is the relationship between mothers and daughters.  In this following article for the Indo-Canadian magazine Masalamommas, I look at five Bollywood films and how they portray mother-daughter relationships.

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Why Did Baby Falak’s Murder Not Irk India’s Feminist Movement?

Baby Falak before she died in the hospital

Baby Falak is finally dead after a long battle for her life in a hospital in New Delhi.  India obsessing with its annual budget and cricket, was too busy to mourn this little girl.  But then thousands of little girls are battered to death by their families in India every year.  And baby Falak was just another one of them.

How low does India’s unchecked misogyny strike — the misogyny that so does not want women in its household?  The misogyny that is so fixated on a narcissistic, obsession with male progeny and masculine lineage that it has killed more than 50 million women in 3 generations.  Well it aborts millions of girl fetuses and murders thousands of women — using, dowry, ‘witchery’, ‘honor’ and widowhood as excuses!  Yes! YES! EXCUSES! And it does not even spare little girls!!

Between 1985-2005, a study revealed, that there were 1.8 million little girls between birth and the age of 6 years, who like Falak, had been battered to death by their families.  The research came to the conclusion (more…)

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