My Six-Yard Green Scarf For Afghan Women

A feminist friend, who I told about the Afghan women’s Green Scarf movement, said, “I don’t support the veil!”  And I suddenly realized that probably she’s not the only one with the wrong idea about what this is all about.

To support this movement all one needs to do is: 1) Put on a green scarf (Doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman, or how you want to wear it) 2) Take a picture of yourself wearing it  3) Upload it on this site  to show your solidarity with the Afghan women.

And to clarify: it does not ask for people to wear a veil!  It says ‘A scarf.’  It just needs to be green.  And you can wear it however you want.  My green scarf (in the picture to your left) is 6 yards long, (more…)

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