Why does @WomenUndrSiege Hide the Dirty Secrets of India’s Female Gendercide?


For the last 10 years, I have been researching, writing and working through my online campaign, The 50 Million Missing, to raise awareness about India’s ongoing female genocide.  More than 50 million women have been eliminated from India, subjected to every form of violence, at every stage of life.  (See this video)

I realize that many people don’t know! That’s why we have this campaign.  And when they find out many are very supportive.

But I find, the biggest resistance in the west are are women’s and human rights groups, people who have some awareness about what’s going on, and who turn and look away even when I provide them with the information.

And I’m writing this blog to tell you about one such incidence with a blog called “Women Under Siege” and to ask why this is so? (more…)


Why Did Baby Falak’s Murder Not Irk India’s Feminist Movement?

Baby Falak before she died in the hospital

Baby Falak is finally dead after a long battle for her life in a hospital in New Delhi.  India obsessing with its annual budget and cricket, was too busy to mourn this little girl.  But then thousands of little girls are battered to death by their families in India every year.  And baby Falak was just another one of them.

How low does India’s unchecked misogyny strike — the misogyny that so does not want women in its household?  The misogyny that is so fixated on a narcissistic, obsession with male progeny and masculine lineage that it has killed more than 50 million women in 3 generations.  Well it aborts millions of girl fetuses and murders thousands of women — using, dowry, ‘witchery’, ‘honor’ and widowhood as excuses!  Yes! YES! EXCUSES! And it does not even spare little girls!!

Between 1985-2005, a study revealed, that there were 1.8 million little girls between birth and the age of 6 years, who like Falak, had been battered to death by their families.  The research came to the conclusion (more…)

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