Gang #Raped in #Bengal as Punishment for Falling in #Love


(Birbhum district) West Bengal, Jan 22, 2014

On orders of the panchayat (the village judiciary) a tribal woman in Rampurhat was gang-raped by 10-12 men as ‘punishment’ for falling in love with a man from another community.

The 20-year-old woman, who is hospitalized in a critical state said she had been gang-raped through the night.  Most of these men were neighbors who had seen her growing up and who she addressed as “uncle” and “brother.”

The panchayat initially wanted the woman’s family to pay a hefty fine. When they said they didn’t have that kind of money, they then decided that she had to be gang raped as punishment.  The police have arrested 12 men that the victim has identified.

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The Feast of Love! India’s Forgotten Valentine

The Sex and Power Discussion Blog

Unknown to many, the festival of Holi is actually a celebration of  India’s ancient Valentine’s Day!

It was called ‘The Festival of The Love God,’ and was celebrated to coincide with the arrival of Spring (symbolic of lust and life) just as the western Valentine’s Day is!

Below is an excerpt from my book Sex and Power on this festival:

rati kama redKama, the love god, was [evoked]…in the celebratory tribal songs of the Holi festival…[along] with his consort Rati (sexual pleasure).  His return to life…would be celebrated (each year) during Holi, which coincides with the spring season, [a symbolism of]..rejuvenation and fertility. 

The celebrations were called ‘Mojin Kama’ (Playing with Desire), [also referred to as ‘The Feast of Love’] and entailed songs with erotic lyrics and dances with unabashedly sexual gestures…as people jubilantly doused each other with perfumed water and coloured powders…The sacred text Shaiva Agama instructed that the Feast…

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