Being A Woman In Two Cultures

The two countries that I’ve lived in for an extended period of time, and therefore feel I’m in a position to compare notes on, are India and the U.S.  I was born and raised all over India, and moved to the U.S. in my late teens.  I studied, lived and worked in the U.S. and returned to India when I was almost 30.

I have often been asked how life for me in India compares to living in the U.S. or vice-versa.  That’s a question with a whole complex dimension to it that I’m still working out for myself.

But the question that is increasingly significant for me personally, one that oddly I’ve never been asked, is: How does living as a woman in India compare with living as a woman in the U.S.?

I answer that question in the following article “Where Are All The Women?” This is not a social analysis of gender in the east and the west.  Rather it is my personal experience of what it has meant for me to live as a woman in these two countries.  How each of the cultures and societies impacted on me – on my personal sense of womanhood and feminine space.To read the article click here.

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