How to Buy Organic Vegetables

Ever wonder how you can tell whether the vegetables you are buying are organic?  Well, above is a picture of some tomatoes I bought last weekend.  And here are some visual clues to tell whether your vegetable or fruit is organic: (more…)


How Alive is the Apple you Eat?

Rita Banerji©. All Rights Reserved.

Someone, had very lovingly gifted me this apple, which you see in the photo above, and it has been sitting in my fridge for over 10 days now! I never had any intentions of eating it.  And one of the reasons I would never eat it is because this apple has done a lot of sitting around!  Before it got its seat in my fridge, I figure it was sitting in the fruit shop for about 3-4 days, and in a retail ware-house for about a week before that, and in some ship that sailed from the U.S. to India, for about 10 days before that, and in crates in loading docks for a few days before that, and in some apple orchard’s warehouse in California for some days before that.

So between its place of origin – the U.S., and it’s destined place of consumption, India, this apple has been sitting on its butt for more than more than a month.  And even though it looks like it could do with a collagen shot, it still hasn’t perished!!!  It is so loaded with chemicals — that it has an extra-long lease on life!!! (more…)

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