@HP : Is This How @HPIndia Is Supposed to Treats Customers?

Dear HP,

I am a customer in Kolkata, India, and I have reached a point of such frustration with your service here, that I probably will never buy another HP product again.

My new printer which is in the warranty period is erratic. Sometimes it prints and xeroxes and sometimes it does not. I am a writer and I need my printer all the time!  But your service center in Kolkata has harassed me for 3 weeks, lying and deceiving me, and my printer is still not fixed. I believe they are trying to drag it out till the warranty expires. I am including here all the reports and emails.

I complained  over 3 weeks ago on 4 August, and today is 25th August and I am still with a broken printer. Three technicians have come. Each pretends he does not know what the problem is and pretends it’s a fresh complaint and not a follow up to install parts the previous technician suggested. They don’t even know the name of the parts. One of them told me CPCA means color projection ink something and that it’s unimportant.

When the first technician came, it did not print and xerox. He wrote a report that it needed replacement of the CPCA and MPCA.  I did not hear from him or the service center any more.  After one week I called the technichian and he said he was living in Bihar now. The center seemed confused like they didn’t know what I was talking about.

They sent a second technician who came without the parts the first technician had ordered. He said he knew nothing about my problem or parts! The printer xeroxed and printed once in front of him. He said it is fine. I told him it was erratic. He said it would be fine.

The next day again the printer did not print and xerox. I called on the next working day after a 3 day weekend holiday and  I was told I should have called earlier (even though your office was closed!). Then I was told to call Delhi. I got no answer why the parts ordered by the first engineer were not got.  I emailed Delhi.

Then a third engineer came. He also knew nothing about the problem of my printer and had seen no prior reports. The printer printed once. Then it did not xerox or print. He wrote a report saying it needed a MPCA and a control panel. I said if the control panel was broken then it would not print at all. I asked why he did not get the CPCA like the first technician had suggested.  He said CPCA was only for the ink cartridge. I said the internet says it is its something for the programming code which sound like the problem to me. Since the first engineer suggested it, why didn’t he change all three?  He said HP would not allow it. So even if three parts are broken only two can be changed. Is this your policy?

After many emails a Mr. KadirKhan called on 23 August, at 11.30 and said he had been specially assigned by Delhi to sort this out.  “What is the problem?”  He did not see the three reports or read any of the emails like none of that mattered anyway.  He had no answer for why the parts ordered on 5 August were not got and fitted even after 3 weeks.  He then said “I promise to call in 3 hours and fix this.” That was two days ago.

But what I now demand is a new printer for the harassment your company has put me through. You have wasted my time, energy and resources.  I don’t trust your technicians. I don’t think the franchisee IQOR you have here in Kolkata wants to or will try to get the proper parts to fix this printer. They just want the warranty period to run out. So I demand HP give me new printer.


4-8-16 hp printer service report

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hp printer report 18-8-16.jpg

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