Indo-Canadian Artist Soraya Nulliah Talks About Female Gendercide in Western Countries

As I run a campaign, The 50 Million Missing, to raise global awareness about India’s female gendercide, one of the things I find I need to do, is highlight that this gendercide is not limited to IndiaIt is happening in Indian communities in the West too.  In countries like the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Norway.  See this article I wrote on Pickled Politics.

Recently, I interviewed Indo-Canadian, feminist artist Soraya Nulliah, for The 50 Million Missing’s blog, Gender BytesSoraya has been using her art to raise awareness about the hidden gendercide in Indo-Canadian communities and the violence it entails.  In 2006 she held a solo exhibition titled ‘SHAKTI’ on this theme, at the  Nina Haggerty Centre in Edmonton, Canada.    As one review of her exhibition pointed out: “Under the rich textures and colour, there is a sad theme: the reality of violence against women…”

Below is my extremely inspiring interview with Soraya.  All the paintings in the post are by Soraya Nulliah.

Rita: Your family is of Indian origin, but you grew up in South Africa and Canada and now live in the United States.  So why did you choose the subject of violence against Indian women as the theme for your paintings and your exhibition?  (more…)

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