India’s Biometric #Aadhaar ID Is Cause of a Human Rights Crises: I talk to @letra_escarlata for

Image result for aadhaar worst human rights crisesThe government of India has launched a massive biometric ID project, that entails assigning a 12 digit number to each person, and linking it to the person’s biometrics — and everything the person owns and does. In the face of widespread thefts and human and civil rights abuses due to Aadhaar, there are immense fears and public resistance. This is why the silence of the global media is unconscionable!  I am very grateful to Teresa Domínguez  for this interview below and for giving a voice in the global arena to the Indian citizens resistance to Aadhaar.


Below is the English version of my interview to Teresa Domínguez about the Aadhaar for the journal   

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El sistema biométrico Aadhaar o la vulneración de derechos humanos de un país. Entrevista a Rita Banerji, escritora y directora de 50 Million Missing

by Teresa Domínguez (@letra_escarlata)

In the first chapter of this series we saw  the systematic genocide of girls and women in India:  sec 68 million ú n the latest data . Last week we wrote about an issue that is currently being debated in our country (Spain), rent a womb, with a first-hand look  at this violation of human and reproductive rights of Indian women. Today we continue the series dealing with an issue that violates the most basic civil and human rights of Indian citizens and especially an important part of the population, women.

Rita Banerji, Feminist and author of the book “Sex and Power”.

The 12-digit biometric ID called Aadhaar in India is echoing as one of the greatest rights violations that is causing an unprecedented human rights crisis in India, with the consequential increase in social resistance.

The Aadhaar system is a massive, centralized database with 360 ° surveillance capability. It is not just an identification number assigned to a person, but a system that decides whether or not you exist through a fingerprint and a number. In addition, the system requires  you to “authenticate” in all banking activities, pension, food ration, medical treatment, etc … which means placing your finger on a machine that indicates whether you exist or not. “And it does not matter if your neighbors and family testify that you are who you say you are, if the machine does not recognize you, you do not exist.”

The government first of all obliged all citizens of India to register in the biometric system called #Aadhaar and link their personal data and bank details, phones, etc … with the threat of cutting off their telephone, pension, rationing or freezing your pensions. Now, as a result of failed authentication, many people are declared dead or nonexistent or are being supplanted. Despite many violation of rights based on Aadhaar , including death by starvation or robbery, the government has now enacted a law that prevents citizens from filing a police or judicial complaint. The Aadhaar system is a massive attack on civil and human rights in India. An  Orwellian system , totalitarian, according to the writer. The main victims and victims of the system are the poor, the elderly, the illiterate, the sick, the disabled and women. How that happens you can you read  in this link . Rita Banerji tells us there are many cases of attacks against the most elementary rights of people. Aadhaar has redefined the Hindu concept of crime. If a company has the number and biometric data of a person and opens a bank account, without consent and withdraws funds, the government does not consider it fraud or theft.

Citizens suffering from leprosy, who lack the fingers of their hands.

Approximately 50% of Indians: that is half a billion citizens, are illiterate.The ‘Virtual ID’ campaign of UIDAI explains that multiple virtual IDs can be generated from their website so that persons do not have to share the 12 digits of the biometric identification. However only 26% of Indians use the internet. And only 3% of women have enough computer literacy to effectively use email and other online applications. This actually allows criminals to use this service creating false identities. In fact the UIDAI discovered that some of its own workers were falsifying and stealing data. A Tribune newspaper journalist showed that for only $ 7.00 you can buy any of Aadhaar and all the details. A theft to vulnerable people and an attack on the most basic human rights of people.


To learn more about this topic, we spoke with the feminist writer  Rita Banerji

What is the Aadhaar?

The answer is: nobody knows what Aadhaar is. It is assumed to be a 12-digit national identification number linked to a digital database with all the information and activities of a person and biometric data and which the government now says everyone should have. But the worst is that the government is forcing people, under threat of freezing their bank savings, blocking their phone or ration card, to force them to link their Aadhaar to everything that concerns them: bank account, phone, property, medical history, voter identification, car insurance, driving license, school, pension, rationing, death and birth certificate, everything! But Aadhaar is not proof of citizenship, since foreigners who live here for 182 days can also have it. Even the ISIS terrorists in India have it.

Aadhaar is not a government document, since the government contracted data collection to a private company called UIDAI, and a businessman named Nandan Nilekani, who then subcontracted it to many other private companies, including foreign companies. Now, through RTI (Right To Information) requests and court documents we see that contracts were awarded to US companies that are managed by former FBI and CIA agents who are also consultants to US intelligence.

Shyam Divan, the lawyer representing the petitions of numerous citizens who have seen their rights violated, before the Supreme Court Hearing of India along with other lawyers of the case,  said last month before the Court that a US military contractor had developed the technology and owned the CIDR source code, and at any time could keep it, so it would cause an economic and social collapse in India and literally subject this country to digital slavery by the US and its big corporations like Bill Gates, Microsoft, etc … that are very interested in this issue and have been promoting it for India despite the widespread human rights abuses as we have seen, including deaths from starvation, something that has not been seen since the freedom of British colonialism was reached.

Is Aadhaar verified by any official body?

The Aadhaar is not verified by any official body and has no official digital signature. It is not proof of address, nor of birth. What is now clear – with documented evidence – is that Aadhaar is almost like a coup secretly hatched by the Indian government against its own citizens, since 2009, together with foreign agencies, including foreign intelligence, large corporations and agencies such as the IMF and the World Bank. The main media have been silent and are part of a conspiracy, as it is owned and controlled by large corporations with vested interests. Mukesh Ambani, one of the richest Indians, also mentioned by Forbes as one of the 10 richest men in the world, laughed and said once that “the data is the new oil”.So Aadhaar is simply a 12-digit biometric digital tag that can be used to track every movement of citizens and cause “digital death” or “social death” with its deactivation by the government and its private allies.

When did it start to be implemented and are there other precedents?

It began to be implemented in 2009-10. In the first place, they said that it would be voluntary to benefit poor people, so that they had easy access to subsidized food (rationing) and pensions and that could be complemented by other means of identification. But there started to be cases in which the rights of many poor people who lacked Aadhaar were denied. The Supreme Court ruled and said it could not be mandatory identification. But then in 2014, the government of India changed, the right wing party entered to govern, and they ignored the Supreme Court ruling approving of he Aadhaar Act that would make it mandatory. Now Indonesia, which is governed by a dictatorship, with a flagrant violation of human rights, wants to replicate the Aadhaar. Yes, India is like an experiment conducted on 1/5 of the world’s human population.

Who is to behind to s of this system?

Western governments, especially the United States, the United Kingdom and large corporations, the IMF and the World Bank are the ones that seem to be behind this impulse.Of course, with the support of the corrupt leaders of the Third World who surely, with some personal benefit, sell our freedom and democracy. I think it connects with the Bretton Woods conference after the Second World War, when the United States and the United Kingdom met and planned a new way to continue the colonization of the third world through economic slavery, for which they created the IMF and the World Bank.

Who are the victims of this system? In what way does it affect women in particular?

The worst victims of the system so far are the poor, the elderly, the illiterate, the sick, the disabled and women. Infant Girls and a woman with cancer have died without being treated in hospitals, women are denied abortions, sick women stopped receiving their treatments for AIDS, losing even anonymity with what comes with stigma. Child marriages, falsified biometric data. Girls raped, forced to get married changing their personal information. The case of widows is terrifying. Women who are left without a pension or their food ration, dying of hunger. Desperate mothers because they can not feed their children. Many poor, widowed women have died of starvation by being denied ration and pension.  An 11-year-old girl  died of starvation for not having Aadhaar .Elderly people who are without their pensions.  The mother of two disabled children in Bengal who were denied her disability pension because her children did not have their corresponding Aadhaar. In fact,  more than 53,000 disabled and widowed people have been denied a pension for lack of identification since October 2016. Domestic workers robbed and deceived. All these cases and others can be read  in this documented linkof the non-profit organization: 50 Million Missing .

Are the Western media reporting on this situation?

There is very little coverage in the Western media about this abuse of the fundamental rights of the Indian citizens that is creating a great crisis in the country. Interestingly, it seems that this silence is due to a conspiracy between these same media and capitalist corporations in order to give a false image and publicity of the Aadhaar program.

What is the Government’s position in the face of this injustice?

Most worrisome, is that the Government remains unperturbed by the news of people who are denied their basic rights. Human beings who are literally dying of hunger. Instead, the government denies it and treats the victims of liars and thieves.

Thomas Friedman lied  about the Aadhaar biometric system in India  in the NYTimes. These complaints can be followed up on the networks:

#AadhaarScam  #AadhaarFemicide  #AadhaarWarOnWomen  #DestroyTheAadhaar #AadhaarLies


A final reflection of Rita Banerji 

Fingerprint forgery

Our fingerprint is now our identity, label and password for everything! This is one of the most important reasons why Aadhaar must be destroyed. In addition, the government has forced people to give fingerprints to all agencies: bank, telephone company, etc … It is a deliberate endangerment of the identity of people and of their property and savings! Of course, it is not surprising how much thefts have increased. The worst part is that we can change the identification and password for other systems, but the stolen fingerprints can never be changed. Many of us who argue against the Aadhaar, are very clear that it should be declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court and that the database, including biometric data, should be destroyed as the United Kingdom did. It is not even an ethical option since only people with knowledge are the ones who can benefit from an “opt out” option. When a system such as Aadhaar involves such widespread abuses of identity theft and personal rights, allowing it as an option means that those who are poor and illiterate will not be able to benefit and will not know how to use this option, much less know when their rights are abused. If there are voices of citizens with education in the cities that advocate this “option” system, they do so, so as to not contradict the Government and be considered anti-government. But it is selfish because they do not think about those who are already dying in rural areas of India, or are not educated or literate to understand the system, and those who will die if we allow this monstrous system to continue.

“Investigators and journalists who have identified gaps in this massive national identity project in India have reported that they have been harassed and subjected to surveillance by government agencies because of their work.” Via  Reuters

Rita Banerji : Another concern of the use of Aadhaar is it may be used to manipulate and falsify the situation of female genocide in India. The current estimates are 68 million missing women in India, a figure that “The Hindu” reported in 2014 which was deduced using the method of Amartya Sen. The next census will not be until 2021. The figure of 63 million is reported by the present  Government and based on “financial data”. We do not know what that is. The censuses in India are carried out every 10 years, with a door-to-door count. We are very concerned that, with Aadhaar, the government now affirms that we do not need door-to-door scrutiny when everything is digitized. We know that Aadhaar’s digital data is leaked, stolen, manipulated and corrupted and can not be trusted. That is why we fear that the government will digitally manipulate the sex ratio to show it as normalized. Currently the physical data gathered in registers by thousands of census officials in hand written registers are not possible to manipulate like a central digital database would be.

Next week “Sex and power”. To be continue…

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Does India Understand these Dangers of #GMO Food?

Where GMO food is a major concern for the public and environmentalists in other countries, in India, the environment minister seems to be a comfortable supporter of the government’s eagerness to open the floodgates to GMO vending corporations!

Geneticist Suman Sahai, founder of Gene Campaign in India, in her recent interview warns the nation of the dangers of GMO and lists the following reasons why (in her words) India does “not have the competence to play around with GMO food.”

1. No technological expertise: Our biosafety (prevention of risks associated with biotechnology processes) competence has not improved at all. We need officials trained in genetics who can understand the biosafety data. We have none.

2. No proper field trials: The GMO crop trials are understood [but] nobody follows them. Take the trials of Bt rice conducted in Jharkhand in 2004. We found that one of the farms was in the midst of the farmers’ fields. No signboard, no fencing, no containment of any sort. One farmer put in charge of it had been threshing the produce and may have even eaten it. Later we found volunteer plants (those that grow on their own) had come up on the farm. We sent them for testing and of course they were GM.

3. Government corruption and greed: When we informed the Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) that Jharkhand has the highest genetic diversity of rice and such lapses contaminate everything, they sent us a showcause notice for entering the field instead of taking action against shoddy trials.

4. Danger of losing biodiversity: Both brinjal and mustard [two crops India are allowing in] are cross-pollinating plants, so the consequences will be no single, non-GM mustard or brinjal left. Some say you can segregate, but have we managed to segregate Bt cotton? It has gone everywhere.

5. Larger impact on the environment: Uniformity of biodiversity will have its own environmental implications. There is a well-known phenomenon called gene silencing. Very often plants altered genetically don’t survive because you have interrupted the natural process. Those that do survive, certain genes may stop expressing. What can get silenced we have no idea. Yet we are ready to risk the entire germplasm.

6. Risk of Toxicity in food: Brinjal belongs to the Solanaceae family. It’s the family of not just tomato, chilli and potato but also datura (angel’s trumpets) and belladona. These are some of the most toxic plants. We can’t (more…)

Will Kim Kardashian Modernize #Placenta Eating?

The reason I’m taking a curious interest in Kim Kardashian’s plans to eat her placenta, is because I’m actually keen to see how American doctors react to this.  And there’s a reason why.

One of my oldest and closest friends is Hmong American.  The Hmong are an ethnic minority from SE Asia, and live in an extensive community in mid-western USA, a community which I’ve visited frequently with my friend when I stayed with her parents or relatives.  My friend’s mother was a shaman, and she worked with local hospitals translating concepts of health, illness and healing from the Hmong perspective for American doctors with Hmong patients, and vice versa.

childbirth in ancient egypt

Giving birth in ancient Egypt

When a woman gives birth, the Hmong believe that the placenta should be carefully buried under or near the family house, because it holds and guards the spirit of the child.  They believe that if this is not done, then the child will fall very ill and could even die. There are many cultures that have similar beliefs. The Egyptians believed that a child is born with two souls, and one of them was housed in the placenta. So after birth, particularly for royalty, a special tomb would be erected for the burial of the placenta, like for a person. Interestingly where placenta was or still is eaten, as in China, Jamaica,  and among smaller tribes as the Araucaninan of Argentina, it is usually ceremonially eaten by close relatives or fed to the child.  This is symbolic of the same philosophy – i.e. preserving the spirit of the child within the home or by the family.

The problem for the Hmong living in the U.S. was, that American doctors couldn’t fathom this.  They believed that the Hmong were actually eating the placenta (though they actually weren’t)! Placenta-eating is not (more…)

Skyrocketting Food #Prices AND India’s #Food #Bill: A CONNECTION?

onion_mumbai3Does the government of India take its citizens to be so DUMB so as to not see this connection?

This month the government bulldozed ahead with what it calls the ‘Food Security Bill‘ which it claims will help feed the poorest people for free.  The fact is that elections are just around the corner and the government feels it needs after 9 years in power, to do something that will give the poor incentive to vote for them.  This is obvious to everyone except to the government in power for some reason.

Yet, what is absolutely astonishing is how simultaneously over the last 2-3 months, the period building up to the launch of the Food Security Bill, there has been an unbelievable escalation in basic food prices.  AND I MEAN UNBELIEVABLE! The prices have shot by more than 5-6 times the cost they were 3-4 months ago.  Onions which costed Rs.10/kg are now hitting Rs.70/kg.  Middle-class people are complaining in India.  So what are the poor to do?  50% of India earns Rs.400/ or less per month.  What are they going to eat?




Lessons on the Spirit of Competition from a Cooking Show

The  joke in our family is that our cat, Kitty, wants to try out for the T.V. show Master Chef Australia!   She is completely taken with the Master Chef aprons that my Australian friend Don, very generously mailed me, after I told him that I was addicted to the series.

My addiction is quite strange actually! Firstly, because I’m not an avid television fan.  I was raised without T.V. and even later, never developed a compulsion for it.  And secondly, of the little time I watch T.V., food or cooking programs are not on the list.  (more…)

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