Finding Myself Outside The Known

This for me has been one of the biggest questions in establishing a personal identity: which part of me is me, and which part is simply a product of family, societal and cultural conditioning?

And for me the most important part of recognizing an individual and independent identity has been in the discovery of those things that I had not been exposed to by others — my parents, the society, culture and country I was born into.  (more…)

Breaking with Tradition in Bollywood: Actor Dev Anand

The Evergreen Hero

A picture I took when attending the release of his autobiography

I sure will miss Dev Anand!  He’s the only male actor from Bollywood to ever enthrall me!

Actually I’m not a big film buff.  I see at the most one film a week on T.V. and 2 films a year in the theater.  Back-to-back movie marathons make me throws up!

Odder still, Dev Anand was not the hero of my generation.  He was the big star of my parents’ generation.  And that is who introduced him to me.   My mother loved singing, and when I was a child many of the songs she would singand that I loved, were from his movies, most of which were from before 1970! (more…)

Celine Dion’s Face-off with China’s Dream

Last night, on the T.V., I was amused to see Canadian singer, Celine Dion facing what appeared to be a party of Chinese big-wigs: politicians and businessmen.

One of politicians commented on the fact that her songs were all about aspirations, dreams and the power of love.  So he suggested that she speak a bit on China in relationship to the world, and how the country figures in context of aspirations and power.  The message couldn’t be any clearer!  “The whole world knows that China is the world’s upcoming super-power!” is what I expected Celine’s lovely soprano voice to announce.  Instead she looked like she had unexpectedly encountered a mugger in a dark, and lonely alley.  She kept repeating that she didn’t understand what they wanted her to say.  I thought – Clever ploy Ms. Dion, but how much time are you going to buy with this?

Then in a desperate voice she repeated over and over (more…)

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